Minecraft Prison servers

The best Minecraft prison servers offer players a fresh, rewarding mining experience, and feature rank up progression paths that consistently makes things interesting.

In the past, prison servers were often seen as being very grindy. But this is no longer the case. The best prison servers are not really that hard-working in most cases.

Over the years, the top Minecraft prison servers have evolved to remain fresh through an exciting mix of custom plugins, server related events and bountiful content updates.

Not all lists are objective.

#1 Purple prison – IP: PURPLEPRISON.COM

Purple Prison is the gold standard in Minecraft Prison server hosting. It’s a clear choice even in 2021, with its consistent and assured popularity.

This server has been in existence for more than 6 years and is currently at the top of the list when it comes to players. Purple Prison hosts thousands of players daily and has received joins from YouTube stars like Skeppy and PewDiePie.

The server offers a wide range of features that will appeal to all players. You will find a rich prison rank system, well-balanced economies, plots and shops built by players, and rewarding prison mining experiences that stay fresh.

#2 JailsMC – IP: play.jailsmc.net

JailsMC is a leader in innovation. This server was designed to be unique from the root upwards.

The vast majority of users will never have experienced the many new features the server offers, which makes it unique and exciting. Even the most experienced Minecraft prison server veteran will find this experience to be incredible.

You can also create your own item enchantments on the server. These are not available on vanilla Minecraft or any other server.

Some of the most interesting and notable enchantments are explosive pickaxes and lightning pickaxes. A pickaxe that can create hostile mobs upon your enemies is also a good option.

#3 Pluteria IP – play.pluteria.com

Pluteria, a Minecraft prison server that is space-themed, allows players to join as astronauts in a prison cell. Their primary goal is to escape.

It is extremely well-designed and the attention to detail is evident from the moment you join. Pluteria players have the opportunity to fight space monsters, explore prison mines on other planets, and complete fun space-related challenges.

#4 OP Blocks IP: play.opblocks.com

OP Blocks is a Minecraft prison that’s entirely made of candy. This may seem strange, but it works pretty well.

You will be amazed at the custom-made sweet treats on the server. Every time players rank up they can look forward for a new colorful candy-themed Mine.

Each mine has custom candy-related blocks, which can be used to harness power that is only available in that mine. It’s a great idea. OP Blocks is the best in terms of thinking outside the box.

#5 MC Prison – IP: mc.prisonfun.com

Without mentioning one of those OG prison server who helped to start it all, this list wouldn’t be complete. The brilliant and long-standing MC Prison.

You can feel a classic, old-school prison atmosphere, complete with guards, cells, illegal items, gangs and more.

This server is ideal for players who want to share a refined prison experience that focuses on roleplaying Minecraft prison life.

Survival Servers

For users who wish to play with other Minecraft players without being on the same WiFi network, Minecraft servers are a great option.

Each server hosts different games. There are mini-games on some servers, bedwars on others, survival on others.

Here is a list with the top survival servers for the first 30 days of 2021.


ClubLands, a new Minecraft server, features many games.

The most popular game mode currently on the server are their SMPs. These games all revolve around famous creators. This server is well worth checking out as these creators are regularly on their SMPs.


The Seed is a server running on 1.16.1 that is solely focused on survival. There are three worlds that players can connect to: Melon (Pumpkin) and Mushroom (Mushroom).

There are many things to discover in these worlds. It is possible to transfer player data across all three servers.


Vulengate, a social server dedicated to survival, is very active. You can join five different survival worlds, each one marked with a different color. The worlds are identical, with the exception of the players.

Vulengate is a warm and welcoming server that will make you feel at home.


Simple Survival is exactly what it says: A survival server with very few complex features.

Simple Survival has a friendly staff that is eager to assist and a large player base.


EarthMC is probably one of the most unique Minecraft servers out there. The entire map is a copy of Earth.

Players will be spawned in random countries upon entering the server. They can then claim land, PvP, and other benefits.

The future of Minecraft servers

Mojang has been allowing private Minecraft servers for most of its existence with very few, if any, restrictions. Hypixel and Mineplex have server bases that rival those of fully independent games. They also have enough staff to create experiences almost as unique as Minecraft. Mojang began cracking down on private server usage in June 2014 and restricting what makes them unique.

Mojang/Microsoft may be in their right to enforce their EULA and protect their brand, but the changes have caused irreparable damage to the community. Although the largest networks are still operational, many servers have been shut down and enforcement efforts are contributing towards a narrative of decline. Although reports about Minecraft’s demise are exaggerated, sales are still strong. However, we may be witnessing the end of a particular type of Minecraft.

Independent Servers: The Dawn of Independent Servers

Mojang’s insufficient offerings are part of the reason private servers are so popular. Realms, their multiplayer platform, was very limited up until recently. It is not yet as popular as private servers, despite the fact that they are so easy to set up, modify and maintain.

This is only one aspect of their popularity. Mojang has in many ways delegated the responsibility for community management and development from them to other actors. Private servers have been hard at work to maintain and foster the Minecraft community. Minecraft wouldn’t have the same popularity without the maps, mods and spaces offered by servers like Hypixel, which are the foundation of many popular YouTube channels.

These servers are the best for competitive players who prefer fast-paced PvP over Minecraft’s more peaceful survival mode. The most popular modes, such as Walls, Skyblock and Factions, combine combat with building. Many players enjoy the more design-focused and insular servers Revand and Minecraft Middle Earth. However, many still play on smaller private servers that are shared with a small whitelisted group who focus on exploration or survival.

It’s difficult to determine the exact number of Minecraft players who use private servers or primarily. However, it is significant. Hypixel boasts over 10 million accounts. It’s clear to see the impact these servers had on the game’s development and the community. Many of the popular Minecraft minigames are developed on servers such as Mineplex and Shotbow. Many of these games, such as Battle and Tumble have been included in Minecraft’s console version.

Private servers can be created and maintained for free, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy or cheap. Although most servers don’t disclose their costs, a quick glance at the monthly expenses for a small server such as Minecraft Middle Earth will show that they can run into the thousands. Many private server owners consider it a full-time job. Many servers have a full-time staff of developers, artists and managers.

A secondary market was created to pay for hosting and staffing private servers. The secondary market sells everything, from cosmetic upgrades to in game items. Although some of these microtransactions may seem innocuous, a few servers quickly gained a reputation for charging high prices for ranks or titles that preyed on minors.

The largest private servers had a friendly relationship with Mojang for a time. They were allowed to use Mojang assets and charge for services, whether they had explicit or implicit permission. Their staffs were invited to speak at Minecon in the early days.