Survival Servers


Survival Servers

For users who wish to play with other Minecraft players without being on the same WiFi network, Minecraft servers are a great option.

Each server hosts different games. There are mini-games on some servers, bedwars on others, survival on others.

Here is a list with the top survival servers for the first 30 days of 2021.

ClubLands, a new Minecraft server, features many games.

The most popular game mode currently on the server are their SMPs. These games all revolve around famous creators. This server is well worth checking out as these creators are regularly on their SMPs.

The Seed is a server running on 1.16.1 that is solely focused on survival. There are three worlds that players can connect to: Melon (Pumpkin) and Mushroom (Mushroom).

There are many things to discover in these worlds. It is possible to transfer player data across all three servers.

Vulengate, a social server dedicated to survival, is very active. You can join five different survival worlds, each one marked with a different color. The worlds are identical, with the exception of the players.

Vulengate is a warm and welcoming server that will make you feel at home.

Simple Survival is exactly what it says: A survival server with very few complex features.

Simple Survival has a friendly staff that is eager to assist and a large player base.

EarthMC is probably one of the most unique Minecraft servers out there. The entire map is a copy of Earth.

Players will be spawned in random countries upon entering the server. They can then claim land, PvP, and other benefits.