Minecraft raid enchantments


Minecraft raid enchantments

Pillager raids in Minecraft are when hostile villagers attack a village. They can be triggered by a player with the 'Bad Omen” status effect entering a village.

If you are unfortunate enough to be caught in a raid, you can expect to face off against a variety of dangerous mobs. These mobs include the ravager and the illager.

Pillager raids can be extremely dangerous and players will want every advantage to make it through them. Enchantments are one way to do this.

Are you unsure which enchantment is best? This is a common problem. We have compiled a list of the top five Minecraft enchantments that will help you survive a pillager attack.

To survive pillager raids, you need to use enchantments

5) Flame

Flamming arrows can be shot by bows that have been enchanted with flame. These flaming bows can set players and mobs ablaze. They are not able to set fire to blocks or other structures. Bows enchanted by flame are especially useful when defending villages, as these buildings can be very flammable.

4) Knockback

Knockback can be added to Minecraft players' swords in-game. This adds three blocks to the weapon's base knockback, allowing for six blocks worth of knockback. This is particularly useful for Minecraft players who are surrounded by others during raids.

3) Sharpness

Sharpening weapons can inflict more damage. This makes them more effective at reducing hostile mobs and keeps the player safe.

Sharpness can also be applied to melee weaponry such as swords or axes.

2) Projectile protection

Projectile protection can be applied to players' armor as a type of enchantment. This is very useful in combating pillagers raids as many mobs attacking the player will have crossbows.

1) Keep your edge.

The enchantment of the sweeping edge can be applied to a player's sword in-game. This enchantment increases the sword's damage when used in conjunction with its sweeping attack. You can use sweep attacks to hit multiple mobs at once.

This makes the sweeping edges enchantment particularly useful in pillager raids where players might be facing multiple mobs at once.