Minecraft otherside discs


Minecraft otherside discs

Minecraft's music is a notable feature. It has a great soundtrack that people can listen to even when they aren't playing the game. The music discs elevate the game above the rest.

The game contains 12 music discs, each with different rarities. These music discs are often hard to find but players will quickly put them in their music boxes when they do.

The 1.18 update will bring a new music disc, and it will arrive before the end. The 13th music disc in the inventory will be 'Otherside'. This is everything you need to know.

Complete guide to the upcoming Otherside music CD in Minecraft1.18

The 1.18 update will bring many new items and changes to Caves and Cliffs, including the new cave patterns. Players are looking forward to the Otherside music disk.

The beta version of this music disc is now available. Many players have already tested the Minecraft 1.18 features. They are eager to see the final game, which will include the Otherside music disk.

When it arrives officially, the music disc will be the most rare in the game. This honor goes to Pigstep currently, which can be found in a bastion fragment with a 5.6% chance of spawning in random chests.

You can listen to the latest Minecraft music disc by clicking the tweet below

Otherside can be found in Dungeons, which are monster spawners. There is a 3.1% spawnrate and 2.5% chance of finding the altar chest in Stronghold. These structures are difficult to find, and there are very few chances of finding them. Minecraft players who do find them will be extremely lucky.

Minecraft teased that Otherside and the rest 1.18 updates will be released at a later date, although it is not yet confirmed.