How to summon the agent in Minecraft


How to summon the agent in Minecraft

In Minecraft Education Edition, the agent is an NPC. Although NPCs aren't present in Minecraft, they are very common in other games. Minecraft Education Edition allows players to explore a variety of features not available in Minecraft. NPCs are one of the most important.

Because all Education Edition features can be used to teach, the agent is meant to teach computer coding to players. The agent is completely unstructured. The agent's actions and functions are controlled by the players. This is how you can get one and use it correctly.

Only spawn eggs can be used to introduce agents. This spawn egg cannot be found in the Creative inventory. Instead, players can use a command to obtain the appropriate spawn egg. You can obtain the agent spawn egg by using the command “/give @sspawn_egg 1 56”.

This agent can be used with Code Connection for Minecraft/Code Builder, a Minecraft Education Edition lesson. It can also be edited using a visual programming languages that helps teach coding. The entire site is focused on education. However, coding is something players will not learn about anywhere else.

You can teach it to do the following with the correct codes:

Agents can be coded to appear a certain way, use certain phrases, and interact with players in the same way as NPCs from another game. The player can do whatever they want.

Although this is an Education Edition feature it is not limited to Minecraft Education Edition users. Instead, Bedrock Edition users can simply open a new Creative World and toggle Education features on (before creating the world). This does not apply to Java Edition.