Gunpowder build idea in Minecraft


Gunpowder build idea in Minecraft

Minecraft allows users to create many different farms. When people need to quickly gather specific materials, they create farms.

Gunpowder can be used to make things like TNT, fire charge, fireworks, and splash potion. They'll want to collect a lot for their recipes.

It's easy to create a gunpowder farm using Minecraft (2022).

You have many options to build gunpowder farms within Minecraft. It is usually dropped by creepers and will need a reliable method to obtain it.

Dusty Dude's YouTube creeper farm recipe is a great way to quickly and efficiently create a gunpowder farming operation.

1) Create base

Minecraft players should first create their base with cobblestone. Each side is eight blocks long with four diagonal blocks. They will be placed as shown in the image.

2) Add another layer on top

Users must now add another layer to the base after adding the first layer.

2) Add two blocks high walls to construct

Players should make the walls around the base. This will allow creepers to be funneled in one direction.

4) Remove all middle blocks

The next step is to remove all the blocks from the middle. The gamers will then need to dig three blocks down to create a pit for the creepers.

5) Take two pieces of dirt and dig them out

The user should be three blocks from the center of their building. Once they have reached this point, users should select one side of their build and remove the corner blocks at the bottom. This will allow gamers to place water in the areas that are available.

6) The other side: Dig out four blocks, and then add one block to the back wall.

They will need to locate the blocks at each corner, just across the area where they dug them out. Then, they will need to cut it into blocks one block deep and two more into the back wall. This will make the room 1 block larger.

7) Add water to the bottom of the wall where the gamers have dug two corner blocks

Users must turn around and go back to where they were. They will need to take a water bucket with them and pour water along the back wall.

8) Dig long hallway

Now, players will need to dig long corridors in the direction that the water is moving. Players will have to dig up the stream until it reaches the end.

9) Dig small room

When gamers reach the end, they will need four blocks to dig down and then move a little forward to make a small space to collect the creepers.

10) Add campfires, chests, and hoppers to your collection room

Users should place hoppers in the collection room at the bottom hole. They should then place chests in front of them. Then, gamers will place campfires on top of the hoppers.

They will be used for killing the creepers. These should make sure that the hoppers face the chests.

11) Install a glass wall before campfires

After users have collected all the items they need, they can place a glass wall at the campfires so that the creepers are visible being harvested.

12) Create a staircase from the collection area

Players in Minecraft should build a staircase to allow them to exit the area and re-enter it when they are ready to collect their gunpowder.

13) Install trap doors for construction

To funnel the creepers into water, Minecraft gamers will need trap doors to be added to each chamber. Two trap doors must be added to the back wall of each chamber. They will place the cats here.

14) Add trap doors to the middle

The users should add additional trap doors in the middle and then open the four located there.

15) Gamers need to add four trap doors

To form a cross-shaped pattern, players should add four trap doors to the center. This will make it easier for creepers to get into the water below.

16) Lay down carpets

The next step is to place three carpet squares into each room. To prevent spiders from breeding inside the rooms, these blocks should be laid in a particular pattern.

17) Tame cats

Users will now need to find and control cats that are found in close proximity to villages within the game. They can feed them raw fish to tame them.

Gamers require four cats for each layer of their creeper farm. They may choose to breed cats over trying to find all of them.

18) Put cats on trap doors

By pushing the cats, users can place them on the trap doors at the back of each chamber. They can then be used to scare creepers.

19) Cover ceilings with trap doors

To prevent mobs such as skeletons or zombies from spawning, players will need to cover the ceiling with trap doors.

20) Cover top with slabs

To seal it all, gamers can place cobblestone slabs on top of the whole thing. They can add layers if they so desire. The farm can be operated as it is.

Use the farm

After the farm has been completed, Minecraft players are free to go about their daily business while the farm takes care the farming of the creepers. They will need to check the chests periodically and get any gunpowder from the collection room.