Everything you need to know about the Warden in Minecraft


Everything you need to know about the Warden in Minecraft

Originally scheduled to release during Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update in May, the Warden mob was delayed to arrive during The Wild Update.

The Warden, a powerful mob with boss-like characteristics, is found in Minecraft.

The Warden, a blind creature is unable see its targets. It relies instead on its keen hearing and ability to sense vibrations through the thick sculk that covers most of the Deep Dark.

Few mobs have taken the community by surprise like the Warden. It's worth taking a look at what we know about this creature.

What are the facts about the Warden in Minecraft?

The Warden, a protector of Minecraft's most dark biome, is extremely powerful and long-lasting. It is summoned in most cases when there are too many Deep Dark sculk-shrieker blocks. These blocks will make loud, screaming sounds when disturbed. Once enough shriekers are disturbed, the Warden will rise from below to deal with the situation.

The Warden is unable to see so it must rely on its sense of vibrations, hearing and ability to detect players or mobs. It will leave the area if it does not sense anything within 60 seconds. It will continue to wander about looking for any suspicious signs.

The Warden's horn-like growths that resemble sculk sensors blocks illuminate when it senses a vibration in Minecraft. It is best to flee if it detects a player. The boss-like mob can kill players in just a few hits, even if they are fully equipped with quality gear.

The Warden can do 16 hearts worth of damage with a single strike. It can also prevent players from using pillaring strategies. The Warden can move at the same speed as a walking person. It is extremely difficult to defeat using traditional methods because it has 250 health hearts. Many players facing the Warden should sprint away and hide, until it loses interest.

If you are trying to avoid the Warden, one of the best tips is to listen to its heartbeat sound. As the Warden closes in on its target, its core beats louder and faster. It becomes more aggressive in its pursuit.

Players who want to avoid the Warden must be careful not to disturb nearby sculk-shriekers. They also need to make as little noise as possible and move as slowly as possible. Players can also wait for the Warden's ominous heartbeats to stop before they move on.